Huge shout out to DLS for the fastest roadside service ever!! He arrived within 15 minutes of me requesting service. He was professional, polite and extremely helpful. He explained the problem, outlined the solution and got me back on the road in less than 20 minutes!


This guy is just amazing. I first met him when I needed to change my dad's tire. He even took the initiative to plug the tire. Today, he helped me with my own car and I can't be more appreciative towards him. He's always jolly and energetic!


My family is home safe and sound today thanks to our hero, Damian Stills. Hours from home, my four kids and I sat stranded on the shoulder of a busy bridge with a blown tire. For an hour, cars whipped by as we waited on both police and our insurance company’s roadside assistance. Help never came. After another call, insurance said it would be another hour. That would be too late to get a new tire before the shops closed. Thank God, Damian saw us in distress and pulled over, offering to help. He was kind, knowledgeable, and fast. He followed us to a safe location and put on the spare. I couldn’t be more thankful. Damian is an answer to prayer.


Hey look my man Damian Stills is a gentleman and all out good dude. I broke down on 84th and Hook road and this good brother pulled over to see if I needed assistance I did but he couldn't help so he waited with me talked until a flat bed came it was cold and dark my battery went dead no heat and this good brother looked out for so if ya have any problems call this DLS ROADSIDE SERVICE and see if this good brother can help u out.


I cannot say enough good words about Damian!! I was in such a bind and he rushed to my home and was able to unlock my doors (with the keys stuck inside and running) without any hesitation. He arrived so quickly and was the kindest guy. His customer service is impeccable and his swift arrival and understanding attitude made my stressful morning much more at ease. I highly recommend Damian and his company.


Damian Stills is the go-to guy! He’ll get the job done! This week my tire was extremely wobbly & I thought it was my rotors. Damian exceeded my expectations. He had my car on the tow truck and look at the tire that was giving me trouble and realized the wheel bolts were unscrewed on my tires. He was very honest & tightened the bolts. He saved me extra money I thought I was going have to spend at the mechanic.


I must say that I had other roadside assistance that was good, but overall Damian took the cake. He came right away and was able to be more helpful than I've seen. thank you for helping me get to work on time and get time me back on the road.



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